Kamala Harris abandons the race for the Democratic nomination

California Democratic Senator Kamala Harris, who was once considered a candidate to watch for, announced Tuesday that she was stepping down from the Democratic nomination, citing lack of funds for her campaign.

The 55-year-old former California attorney indicated in late January that she was seeking the Democratic nomination in the hope of challenging Republican Donald Trump in the November 2020 presidential election.

After a very noticeable start, she had fallen back into the polls, now stagnating behind the leading pack. Harris had just been relegated to sixth place in the race, with 3.4% of voting intentions, according to the average compiled by aggregator RealClearPolitics polls.

This is one of the biggest personalities to abandon the Democratic primary, which now has 15 candidates.

“My campaign to be elected president simply does not have the means we need to continue,” Kamala wrote in a statement.

As the campaign progresses, it has become harder and harder to reap the money we need to fight , she said in a message to her fans, scooping a point at billionaires who entered the race late to the Democratic nomination, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and financier and philanthropist Tom Steyer.

I am not a billionaire. I can not finance my own campaign.

Kamala Harris

While still conducting an intense campaign in recent days in Iowa, she says she has reached one of the toughest decisions of her life in recent days .

Several candidates or former Democratic candidates have hired their former opponent on Twitter.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, for example, thanked her for her lively and issue-based campaign.

Entrepreneur Andrew Yang said he was stunned by his decision. He is one of the people I have chosen to spend time with during this election campaign , he wrote, saying it is warm, intelligent, spirited and at the service of the citizens .

Kamala Harris is the third person to retire from the race in three days, after Montana Governor Steve Bullock and former Pennsylvania representative Joe Sestak. Two other candidates have thrown in the towel in the last month: former representative Beto O’Rourke and mayor of Miramar, Florida, Wayne Messam.

Ironically, as the number of candidates slowly begins to shrink, two other candidates – Michael Bloomberg and former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick – have joined the pool of Democratic candidates over the past 20 days.

Recently, the dissatisfaction of the Kamala Harris campaign team was reported by the New York Times a few days after the layoff of several of its staff.

The candidate, whose profile had raised high expectations, failed to respond, seeming to fail to clearly demonstrate the message she wanted to embody, multiplying for example the flip-flops in health insurance.

Initially, the candidacy of this rising star of the Democratic Party, in federal politics since 2017, promised however promising.

The former San Francisco District Attorney and then California Attorney General has earned a reputation as a formidable interrogator in the process of appointing members of the Trump administration and Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

His first campaign rally on January 27 had gathered more than 20,000 supporters, according to its organizers.

His performance in the first round of Democratic debates in June impressed many Democratic voters, but his star soon faded.

A pioneer course

Kamala Harris would have been the first woman, the first African-American, as well as the first person with an Asian heritage to access the White House.

The one with the strongest glass ceilings dropped barriers throughout her career.

After two stints as a prosecutor in San Francisco (2004-2011), she was twice elected California attorney (2011-2017), becoming the first woman, but also the first black person, to head the court’s services. The most populous state in the country.

Then in January 2017, she was sworn in the Senate in Washington, registering as the first woman from South Asia and only the second black senator in American history.

Kamala Harris grew up in progressive 60’s Oakland, California, proud of the civil rights struggle of her immigrant parents: a Jamaican father professor of economics and an Indian mother, now deceased, a researcher specializing in breast cancer

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