US billionaire Ross Perot dies,

Ross Perot, a Texas tech billionaire who starred in two independent presidential campaigns in the 1990s, died at 89 on Tuesday, according to his family.

“Ross Perot, the innovative businessman and beloved husband, brother, father and grandfather, died early Tuesday at his home in Dallas, surrounded by his devoted family,” the Perot family said in a statement quoted by news agencies.

Perot shook US policy with his 1992 presidential race. He launched as an independent and the campaign center was his general problem was to curb the deficit spending of the government.

His campaign, largely financed by his own money, presented 30-minute television “infomercials”. Perot was always shown with his graphics and in a tone of humor.

The candidate led a Gallup poll five months before the election with 39%, compared to the 31% that his opponents had, the Republican George HW Bush (acting president) and 25% for the Democrat Bill Clinton, who finally won.

Perot ran for president again in 1996, but was diagnosed with leukemia this year.

Perot made a fortune in computer services. As a politician, his style was unconventional, with a strong Texas accent and outstanding ears that he himself mocked. He had a frank and assertive way of speaking that made his opponents tremble in the presidential elections.

Perot’s fortune was estimated at $4.1 billion by Forbes magazine in April 2019.

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